Wedding DIY, 1

Early in our engagement, I became quickly OBSESSED with all things wedding. Researching vendors, brainstorming (and organizing) ideas on Pinterest, consuming every morsel of wedding blogs possible.  It’s hard to say how many weeks or months passed before I looked up from my laptop one evening to see my honey watching me.  I quickly realized that I was so dreamy about the wedding, I had lost focus on my relationship.  For the next several months, I chose to be present with him and enjoy this unique time together.

That is until it was crunch time.  There were many crafty touches to my wedding – let’s begin!

Paper Garland:  One advantage to committing to a DIY project early is that you can keep an eye out for sales. I was able to purchase my scrapbook “Ritz cracker” hole punch and colorful cardstock both on sale at Michaels.  Next, I had a volunteer (thanks Mom) punching “Ritz crackers” out of cardstock.  Eventually it came down to Mom at her sewing machine as I “fed” her “crackers” and protected the garland from tangling.  The first batch did get dreadfully tangled, but I was proud of myself for letting go rather than wasting time trying to salvage the mess.  We found the best way to transport the garland successfully was to wind it around a tube (we used a foam roller), and wrap each layer with plastic wrap  (We did toss the garland after the wedding).


(Paper Garland)