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Too cute

For the last several months I have been busy with a very special project.   In this situation, we are updating the old farmhouse my client grew up in.  First on the To Do List:  redesign the bedrooms for two little girls (ages 9 and 7).   This was a fun and unique opportunity for me to play in the world of COOL and CUTE.  

Here are couple snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  The 2nd floor hall and dual stairways received a major transformation as well.  Stay tuned for more images to follow.

So long, farewell

For the last 4 ½ years, I have been part of something wonderful.  Company C is a colorful home furnishings retailer based out of Concord, NH (believe it or not).  With a strong web presence and distributors across the country, they specialize in unique area rugs, textiles, furniture, and more.

To supplement my design business in it’s infancy, I have been working part-time at Company C’s flagship store. This has been a wonderful opportunity to mature in confidence, refine my customer service skills, and foster an expertise in furniture and various textiles. Overall I am grateful to Company C for the chance to develop my talent as a designer, as well as create several extraordinary friendships.

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

As of last week, I have moved on from Company C.  I am now the newest member of the Cedar Mill Group, Inc, a local design/build/remodeling company I have come to know quite well over the years.

As their in house design consultant, I will be involved in CAD drawing, contributing to design details and space planning, as well as working with clients to select materials, finishes, and fixtures.  Clearly this is an exciting and exceptional opportunity for me to grow as a designer regarding the various facets of construction and remodeling.

Aside from this (the big changes I had eluded to last time), not much has changed for Lavender & Lotus.  I am still active with clients in updating/ improving their homes and offices, and look forward to the new design opportunities yet to be discovered.

Until next time my peeps – Peace :)

Thoughtful layering

Window treatment is a term to describe how one decorates or covers their window.  The image of a curtain or some piece of fabric hung above or around a window may have come to mind for many of you.  Not only will I select ready-made curtains for my budget conscious clients, but I design custom treatments as well.

Window treatment can also refer to shades, blinds, shutters and the like.  Often times it is the thoughtful combination or layering of both types of treatments that create the best solutions.

That being said, I am very pleased to share that I am now a dealer of Graber window treatments!  While Graber may not have the name recognition of  Hunter Douglas, they provide quality options at reasonable prices.  This will allow me to serve my clients thoroughly and efficiently.

Have you noticed a drafty room in your home or office?  Now is the perfect time to dress your windows for the cooler weather.  Call or write today!

All things fall

Some time has passed since I’ve done much Pinning.  My Pinterest consumption got a little out of control back in the days of wedding planning. Now that I’ve had a respectable break, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to explore some seasonal imagery.  All good things in moderation, right?

How will you be decorating for the fall this year?

(Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Staying warm

When we bought the house this summer, I already couldn’t wait for fall.  The thought of colorful leaves, festive pumpkins, and wonderful baked goods were highly exciting.  With October now upon us and a batch of apple crisp under my belt (literally), my focus has shifted to a more responsible viewpoint:  staying warm this winter.

Window treatments are an excellent way to improve the energy efficiency of your home.  I consider mine as an investment that will compliment the years of pellets my husband will stockpile in our basement.  But the benefits don’t stop there! Great treatments add privacy – especially valuable with the shorter days and longer nights of winter.  As an added bonus, updating window treatments can also be a great way to bring new life to a tired room.  With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to get your home ready to impress impending guests.  

If you are looking to update the treatments in your home or office, please don’t hesitate to call.  I’d love to help you stay warm and fashionable this holiday season.

Finally, before I go, here is a tip I must share.  Window treatments are like dress shirts – they need to be ironed.  Messy, wrinkled, sloppy curtains look bad.  The creases from when you took them out of the package are not a design characteristic that was meant to be preserved.  Iron your curtains people!


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