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“A lifetime investment in happiness”

Last year I had the pleasure of partnering with the brilliant cabinetmaker, Owain Harris of O.H.Harris Cabinetmaker on a very unique project.  Owain’s clients had a 1966 Caravel 17′ Airstream trailer that they wanted to renovate.  The goal was to create a cozy space for reading, writing, and guest sleeping quarters for their summer home.  My contribution to the project involved space planning, material selections, and lighting research, all while keeping an eye on the desired Mid-Century vibe. 

The Airstream trailer was hip when it first hit the road decades ago, and it is still “as sturdy and modern as ever.”  What a pleasure it has been!

Nice to meet you Marsala

Wondering what’s on trend for this year?  Let me introduce you to Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. Marsala is a deep, earthy red that is sure to please. Not only is this color gorgeous with a variety of skin tones, making it an instant sensation in beauty and fashion, but a rich, sophisticated color that will add warmth and elegance to any home or interior.  Unlike other trending colors of the past (sorry Orchid 18-3224, you just didn’t cut it for me…), Marsala is an easy-to-live-with trend that is sure to become a classic.

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Here’s what’s hot - episode 5

Last but not least, metal is also trending strongly these days.   Another classic element to design, metal is great for adding variety, sophistication, and a touch of sparkle to a space.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, but be mindful that different finishes may support or conflict with the character or vibe of a room.


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Here’s what’s hot - episode 3

Apparently “Vintage” is in… but was it ever out?  Regardless of whether you consider it vintage or retro, I call it classic.

The wildly popular TV series Mad Men may have increased visibility for vintage fashion and décor in recent years, but many contemporary retailers have delivered this aesthetic all along.  For example,  Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and Mod Cloth all exemplify a vintage vibe.

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You’re my obsession

Yes Treehouse Masters, I’m talking to you.  If you haven’t already caught an episode, Treehouse Masters is a fantastic fun show on Animal Planet.  With new episodes airing Friday nights at 10pm E/P, you can often catch earlier episodes running back to back during the week.

For someone with a passion for design/architecture as well as a profound connection to Mother Nature, this show is beyond entertaining.  The cast/crew may be loveable and a bit quirky, but the true star are the magical treehouses themselves.  I particularly love how each is unique from the rest and situated so perfectly among the trees.

But you don’t have to take my word for it – just see for yourself.


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