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“A lifetime investment in happiness”

Last year I had the pleasure of partnering with the brilliant cabinetmaker, Owain Harris of O.H.Harris Cabinetmaker on a very unique project.  Owain’s clients had a 1966 Caravel 17′ Airstream trailer that they wanted to renovate.  The goal was to create a cozy space for reading, writing, and guest sleeping quarters for their summer home.  My contribution to the project involved space planning, material selections, and lighting research, all while keeping an eye on the desired Mid-Century vibe. 

The Airstream trailer was hip when it first hit the road decades ago, and it is still “as sturdy and modern as ever.”  What a pleasure it has been!

Endicott Hotel - at last!

Some projects are small, some projects are large.   Some projects are fast, some projects take years.  

As you will recall from previous posts, I have had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the Endicott Hotel renovation for the last year or so.  At long last, our chapter has closed on this project and the happy tenants have moved in.

The images below capture the large unit (blues/green), the smaller unit (reds/orange), as well as the common areas we furnished/staged.

At your service

Looking through pages of older posts, it occurred to me that I write quite a bit about STUFF that I like, but I don’t often talk about what it is that I DO.   Sometimes it can be tricky to explain my services because they can be applied in so many ways.

On the “small project” end of the spectrum, I help my clients pick out color(s) for the interior or exterior of their home or office.  It may simply be the paint color for their front door or a stain for the deck.  This type of color selection process has countless applications as well (selection of tile, countertop material, flooring, etc.)  An example would be the local bank I worked with several years ago. They were going to update their wall to wall carpeting and had decided on a replacement product.  Trouble was they couldn’t decide on a color.  Consulting with a design professional allowed them to have piece of mind and confidence in their decision.

Another type of “small project” includes general consulting for DIY’ers.  Lots of people love to work on their home and find satisfaction in doing it themselves. Right on!  I’m all for it.  I only wish that more people would consult with a professional before breaking out the power tools.  I hate to hear about DIY projects gone bad, especially when they could have been prevented.  Sure there are places out there that offer “you can do it, we can help”, but are they coming to your home?  Are they seeing things that you forgot to mention?  Are they presenting alternative options that might provide a better solution?  A little bit of advice from the right source can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

An example of a mid-size project would be what I call a redesign.  In other words, we give an existing space a new look or function.  Looking to jazz up your living room?  Sure!  Turning the guest room into an office?  Absolutely. Dreaming of an organized and functional mudroom?  I’m your gal.  A redesign may include new furniture, new colors, new accessories, and minor construction. Contrary to popular belief, not every designer is bound and determined to reinvent the wheel that is your home.  I love to incorporate existing pieces and achieve the desired results as efficiently as possible.

On the more elaborate or involved end of the project spectrum, I work with homeowners and building professionals on new construction and major renovation projects. There are oodles of decisions to be made with these types of projects, and an interior designer provides a unique and priceless perspective to the process.  I work hand in hand with the client to help them understand the choices and decisions they are making, while doing so in a manner that facilitates the contractors in carrying out a smooth and efficient build.

As mentioned, there are countless applications and scenarios where hiring an interior designer would prove to be beneficial.  If you are interested in working together or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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