A professional interior designer specializing in personal spaces.


Aimee Brothers studied Interior Design at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and started Lavender & Lotus in 2008. She has designed everything from tiny specialized spaces to complete mansion makeovers, as well as a range of commercial spaces.

Her passion for interior design involves more than just creating a beautiful space. Aimee understands that our environment has the ability to affect our mood, productivity, relationships and sleep quality. Color alone can have a significant impact on our emotions, and Aimee’s understanding of the psychology of color allow her to recommend palettes that are calming or energizing, depending on the client’s preference.

Aimee was helpful and supportive, making sure I was pleased with the result.”  — Patti, Barnstead, NH

Working extensively with contractors as an in-house designer has made Aimee extremely knowledgeable when it comes to coordinating trade partners, space planning, and selecting items for home and office spaces—from finishes to lighting, furniture, and exterior elements. As a skilled artist, she can provide detailed technical drawings, as well as 3D modeling services.

Aimee understands that interior design can be overwhelming for clients, given the numerous important decisions to be made. Aimee’s extensive experience allows her to provide educated support as she guides clients through the process, thus helping them enjoy the creation of new spaces and discover their unique style.

Aimee is a New Hampshire native and lives in the Lakes Region with her husband and pets. She enjoys family time as well as being active in nature, cooking, and curling up with a good book.

Aimee has an instinctive ability to cut through the confusion and create amazing spaces to live and work in.” — Bob Desrosier, Brushworks Painting