1966 Caravel 17′ Airstream

This was a fun project because it was so unique. With only 15 feet of livable space to work with, it was also an exciting challenge to overcome. I was contacted by a woodworker colleague who had been hired by the client; he was being asked to make various built-ins and wanted me onboard to help with space planning and design. The couple wanted the space to be funky and fun but it also had to be efficient.

Vibrant blue cushions compliment the blonde wood and walnut detailing.

A Mid-Century Modern feel was essential for the space, given the client’s personal aesthetic and the inherent character of the AirStream. This style also blended well with the color palette of blond wood and bright hues. My colleague used birch wood for the closets and built-ins because it is lightweight and flexible to work with. This was critical when it came to shaping the curved closet and other features. The storage areas were then outlined in walnut for contrast. I kept the interior an off-white so that the space would feel bigger and to compliment the blonde birch. The grass-green flooring is restful on the eyes, echoes the outdoors, and is vinyl, which is easy to clean. The bright blue seating cushions also bring the outdoors in and add pops of color.

Efficient camper kitchenette with soft green vinyl flooring.

Every inch of space is maximized. Next to the curved seating area, a small table pulls out and opens up for dining or game playing. This corner also has a few more tricks up its sleeve as it can transform into a full-sized bed for sleeping.

The couple primarily keeps the AirStream parked in their yard; they use it for guests and for mini-escapes. They also enjoy family game nights here. It was a clever way for them to add space to their home without actually engaging in construction.

This mid-century modern camper is a fun, yet relaxing space, whether it is traveling or parked in the yard.

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