8000 sq ft home in Bow, NH

Our largest project to date, this 8000 sq ft home in Bow, New Hampshire offers spectacular views, but required considerable work. After sitting vacant for many years, the clients decided to move forward with the major renovation despite the uncertainty if they would ultimately move in or sell the home. Therefore, particular attention was given to balance preferences of the clients while also appealing to potential buyers.

Aside from structural and mechanical improvements, Lavender & Lotus contributed to the kitchen design, remodel of 7 bathrooms including a spectacular master bath, paint colors throughout, lighting design, flooring selection, architectural details relating to doors, windows, and trim, as well as exterior decisions regarding siding, trim, deck/railings, lighting, and more.

Considering what a delight it was to work on such a magnificent home with exceptional clients, sadly this was a bittersweet experience after the sudden and unexpected loss of a beloved carpenter.

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