Restful Master Bedroom

Like many women I have met, this client had spent years taking care of the needs of others before tending to herself. When the time came to look after her ailing mother, she decided to transform her bedroom into a personal sanctuary. I chose a soft gray paint for the walls because gray is a calming color that immediately creates a soothing atmosphere. The window sheers keep the room light and airy and the gray tone shifts in hue as the daylight changes.

The client wanted to keep the cherry bureau and bed, which were more classic in style, but did not want the room to feel out-dated. To counteract the older pieces, and bring new life to the space, I added unusual elements, which also incorporate the fun look that my client loves. These included updated wall sconces, an edgy, stainless steel reading lamp that is like a piece of art, and a cozy, gray sidechair in a quirky style. I layered in contrasting textures with a luxurious, fluffy throw and sequined pillow. The chair’s sidetable sparkles in polished chrome; it’s gleaming top is made of geode slices which echo the glittering picture frames on the bureau. The finished result is a bedroom that is restful and calm yet with unusual elements that make it unique.

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